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Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, The Linux Foundation
Tizen had been one of the largest open source projects under Linux Foundation. Open source community continues to grow and Linux Foundation remains the same to create a sustainable ecosystem for Tizen open source technology through good governance and innovation.
What's Next with Tizen?
Hyogun Lee, EVP, Samsung
The world is changing as more and more devices around us are being connected to the Internet.  With this shift we believe there is an opportunity for new business, and thus the platforms and the ecosystems should be different.  Tizen 4.0 is our preparation for it so that you can realize your dreams and visions of connected world.
Visual Strategy of Tizen UX in the IoT era
Chris Choi, Director/Designer, Samsung
IoT technology is affecting our daily lives and the way we work in a positive way.
But despite the great intentions of trying to empower us and making our lives better, multiple devices connecting with each other and providing inter-connected services create unintentional confusion. Taking this into consideration, Samsung UX Center is tackling this issue with user-centric visual solutions to enhance Tizen's new user experience.
Tizen: Platform for Voice
Minkyong Kim, Vice President, Samsung Electronics
We are in the era where voice has become the new key interaction method between human and devices. For enabling voice capabilities, Tizen is the ideal platform for a broad range of devices from smart appliances to headless things and also for service providers and app developers.
Samsung TV: Leading the Tizen Ecosystem
Adam Tom, SVP, Samsung
We live in an ever-evolving world of video. Live TV is now online and online video has become Live TV. As these lines blur, users demand easy, unfettered access to the content they love while app partners drive to increase engagement. With our Tizen ecosystem, Samsung TV leads the industry in innovative features and opportunities for partners to succeed.
Glympse brings location sharing to the living room
Chris Park, VP, Glympse
Glympse the leading real-time location services platform shares its experience integrating new mobile, wearable and living room experiences across multiple Samsung devices built using their Tizen client SDK.
Family Hub 2.0: Making IoT the center of your home
Adnan Agboatwalla, Director, Samsung
IoT devices are everywhere. But Family Hub is an IoT device for your entire family. Bringing content and services into the IoT world.
New Tizen Smartphone & Tizen Incentive Program
Hokyu Choi, Director, Samsung
Since the 1st Tizen smartphone was launched in 2015, Samsung Electronics has accomplished astonishing achievement. During the Keynote speech, a new smartphone launch and Tizen expansion strategy will be announced and developers will be invited to join on-going "Tizen Mobile Incentive Program", which offers up to $1 million in prizes every month for the Tizen Store Top 100 applications.
Tizen Developer Platform: Present and Future
Hongseok Kim, VP, Samsung
Demian Borba, Product Manager, Adobe XD
Immo Landwerth, .NET PM, Microsoft
Jerry Liu, CEO, Hangzhou Gubei Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (BroadLink)
Sidharth Gupta, Engineer, Samsung
Tizen development team brings the best development experience to Tizen developers both device development and application development. Main projects are Tizen .NET, Tizen Platform Development Kit and Cloud Infrastructure.
Is IoT disappearing?
Curtis Sasaki, VP, Samsung
As IoT continues its rapid rollout, what are expectations on how the market will evolve? As developers, what are some of the examples that could spur your ideation and creativity, and more importantly, how can you get your development going without having to start completely from scratch?
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Grand Ballroom B
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Hilton San Francisco Union Square
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