IoT Ecosystem and Business opportunities
Date & Time
Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 10:50 AM - 11:30 AM
Shivakumar Mathapathi
The Internet of Things (IoT) comprises vertically oriented platforms for things. Organizations can improve business results as their smart devices communicate. With a billion-plus smart devices connected worldwide, and by bringing the internet connectivity to the things promises several benefits to the IoT Ecosystem. The IoT architect and developers who wants to design and adapt the interoperability system design need to refer and adhered to IoT stacks and protocols.  The proposed session describes how the Tizen operating system plays a key role in connecting various devices such as sensors/activators, phones, I/O devices to multiple IoT cloud platforms. These devices are sharing information autonomously—actionable data that helps you respond quickly, become more productive or improve safety.  The goal of presentation is to demonstrate a use case for smart city in adopting Tizen OS connecting to open source via MQTT and CoAPP protocols, as well few off the shelf IoT could platforms. This paper is aimed at defining an IoT ecosystem from the business perspective. The technologies that could form a core of an IoT ecosystem are summarized, and the roles of the ecosystem partners which may comprise such an ecosystem are identified. The session will cover various IoT ecosystem technology components such as sensors, hardware platform and cloud system, and various IoT protocols such as MQTT, CoAPP (cloud end) and GPIO, UART and I2C (at Hardware end). It will help attendees to learn the concept of IoT and possible business opportunities.
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Imperial A
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Hilton San Francisco Union Square
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Breakout Session
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