Tizen Buffer HAL and Tizen Display HAL
Date & Time
Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 1:55 PM - 2:35 PM
This session is to introduce the Tizen Display HAL and the Tizen Buffer HAL. Tizen Buffer Manager(TBM) is the Tizen Buffer HAL library which provide the interface to control the memory related to the graphics engines and the multimedia framework in Tizen Platform. TBM is used by rendering engines which are EGL, Evas engine and multimedia modules in Tizen. Tizen Display Manager(TDM) is the interface to control the display outputs and the display layers to show the buffer on the screen. Tizen Display Manager(TDM) is used by the Wayland Display Server in Tizen Platform.
Location Name
Franciscan ABC
Full Address
Hilton San Francisco Union Square
333 O'Farrell Street
San Francisco, California 94102
United States
Session Type
Breakout Session
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